Bruised but not Broken re entry program for women and men.

dopest-ethiopian:Deaf People are Cool :)
Yes they are

dopest-ethiopian:Deaf People are Cool :)

Yes they are


Now that’s HAUTE <3


Now that’s HAUTE <3

"You Better Put This Condom On!"

A friend of mine who recently started dating, told me about some of her dates offering to financially take care of her, in exchange for sex. Although this situation may be tempting to some, she said how some of these men requested to have sex but only if they could do it without a condom. In my mind I am thinking, “What the heck is wrong with these men!!” Does the thought of an S.T.D or K.I.D ever cross their minds when they even allow that request to leave their dirty mouths? Or are they only thinking and talking with their penises? And although my friend never took them up on the offers, some women do and put their lives on the line. So what’s up with the no condom thing? In this case money was used as leverage but what provokes others to “bare back?”

Why do some women and men allow this risky behavior? Why is so hard to request a condom to be put on or slide one on yourself? 

Is it those sweet nothings whispered in your ear, causing you to really trust this person?

Is it because condoms lessen the pleasure?

Is it because the mood is just too intense to stop and think?

Or is it just because you are freakin’ lazy and stupid?

I personally think people have just become outright cheap & irresponsible in this situation.

Let’s look at the cost of condoms. A 36 pack of condoms cost $25.99 at the highest. A 3 pack of condoms are $7.00. The Dollar Store has condoms that only cost only a dollar. And they are damn free at your local clinic. Its sad most people refuse to pay that. What’s even sadder is that in most situations, once the sex is had, one often becomes used and forgotten. Sad but true!

But as crazy as this is they take the risk and play Russian Roulette with their lives, sometimes signing their names on their own death certificates. Take a look at the AIDS statistics below and see where your people stand, its mind blowing!

Solution? If you are considering having sex, spend your wisely and get some condoms. If you can afford it, go half with your partners on protection. If they can’t afford it, throw in the white flag, you shouldn’t be having sex.  Using condoms is well worth it and it may save your life! If you don’t, not only do the consequences suck but is the price of medication for an STD ain’t cheap either, so either your ass is gonna pay.

No Glove, No Love! Make this your daily affirmation!

Get your condoms, get tested!

And remember 20 minutes of pleasure, can end up being the worst moment of your life.

Thanks for listening.

Welcoming MYself 2 Tumblr!!!

Hey World,

As you know I have a BIG mouth and there are some things that I have to say!!!

I will keep it REAL in fact 200% and I will like you to do the same. I’m asking you to follow me as I start blogging and making statements freely. If you have something you would like me to cover PLEASE let me know so we can chop it up.

Often times FB or Twitter don’t give you much room to make a statement so i hope to provide you with information that we can all learn from .

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